Monday, December 20, 2010

we just phased!

Oh boy what a fun weekend it was!  Saturday was our day to hopefully get some shopping done, Mr. A's mom was nice enough to come watch the girls while we went out.  Unfortunately I was very unproductive!  
To put it into one word, Overwhelming.  Since the twins have been home I don't get out as much as usual, especially out shopping, without them even.
 Once we were finally out and about I couldn't get my mind to work properly, I think I can say I know what a 2 year old feels like in an Antique store.  Wide eyes, wanting to touch everything new and interesting.  Can't focus, can't stop to think twice.

Luckily I accomplished some but not as much as I hoped.  

I found probably my favorite store EVER for the girls! 

It's where we bought the girls their first "official" teddies. They aren't anything special but when I first saw them a month or so back I couldn't help but picture them when they are a little older hauling them around the house by an ear or a leg.

 Oh but there were many more things I wish I could have bought.  Knitted outfits, knitted beanies, shoes, I could go on...everything was just so adorable.

After getting home we instantly took off to my parents to have some grub and play some games.
The girls were being dolls, going to bed without much of a fuss.

We had gotten a game Phase 10 from someone at one of ninja monkey's schools.  I hadn't played before but was excited since it was so closely related to Rummy.

After some scolding from my father about how Rummy is so much better things got competitive and we were all laughing with tears in our eyes.

It was probably one of the funnest nights this month, mainly because I won! :)

Sunday was a little more productive.  We ended up going and making home made candy chocolates, in hopes of us taking on the family tradition!  Unfortunately I was unable to document the candy making process due to sticky hands from kneading the fondant.  After one failed attempt we got it right and after hours of work the fondant was dipped in chocolate and ready for the eating.

Needless to say we were all a bit tired and ready to head home for some rest.

Lots to do this week, more shopping, wrapping, sending of gifts and cards....oh the holidays!

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