Monday, December 20, 2010

Pick me up

So after a long day of getting nothing done and not getting out of the house till 3, then shopping and feeling like we missed something, upset I have yet to complete the hubs gifts, and accidentally pulling out Oakley's earring making her scream....I need a pick me up.  

I found it, as I was catching up on the blogs I regularly stalk. ;)  I found an old post from this Blogger who as well found laughter, smiles, and soft thoughts about this particular photographer- Stephanie Rausser

I think I've found my favorite photographer of all time.  I have seen some of the most beautiful, funny, touching photos on her site!  It's made my night. 
I hope it makes yours.  <3


  1. Totally! Oh I love love love her! There are so many people these days who think they are photogs... It's nice to look at someone's pics who really IS a photog. And a great one! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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