Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Slightly, Wordless Wednesday

(Ms. K with her Uncle Neal)

Here's the slightly... =p
As expected mostly with the holidays I wont be able to post much till after Christmas, where I'm sure I'll have LOTS to post, pictures stories, etc.  Not to mention we just got home and found our basement to be flooded!  Yes, Merry Christmas to us. =D
Till then, I'll try and update, otherwise happy holidays to everyone! <3


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas! We'll "see" you when you get back! Can't wait to see pictures of your girls' first christmas. Sorry about the flooded basement though!

  2. You have a great Christmas as well! :) More pictures of those snuggly little boys and girlies of yours. --Thankfully we already have Austin and my Dad working a way at getting the basement dry again. THank goodness for family!

  3. Heather! Ms. K is BEAUTIFUL!! And I'm sorry your basement flooded.. I know how ya feel.. Merry Christmas to us.. right?!


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