Friday, December 3, 2010

Our 5 Year Plan

In all honesty we have had a 5 year plan..for..a while! :)  But in the past year I think we've been able to actually start it. Most of this stuff could and will be worked on throughout all the years but I tried to put it through the years of when most likely things may be completed or what not.

Year 1:  
Help our kids develop and grow through their first year of life.
Learn some sign language and teach it to our kids.
Become established enough to support our family with one parent working.
Get enrolled and ready to complete school.
Enjoy our little families starting year.
 Write creatively on a regular basis (at least once a week).  Maybe get paid for it some day.

Year 2: 
Have almost 2 years of school behind me. 
Go on vacations that require flight before the twins are 2 (they fly free).  
Stud out or have studded out the Auzzie Bear. :p
Manage stress and anxiety more effectively. Specifically with being a parent and enjoy the ride while at it!
Be able to get back into our activities easier.

Year 3: 
Create traditions for our family to enjoy just like we did.
Have our car paid off.
Have our 2nd home fully rented or (Preferably) sold.
Save for a large trip in the future.
Plot to take over the world.

Year 4: 
Be completely finished with school.
Have created a happy and amazing home for our family. (could be done before now of course)
Have a portfolio established.
Create a stronger business plan.
Start the girls snowboarding.
Start the girls on their motorcycle (if not then year 5)=D

Year 5:
Have a solid career established.
Sell our home.
Buy a new home.
Move out of state.
Be financially stable so that we can enjoy trips/toys/adventures with our family.
A good documentation of the twins growth, the little amazing things in life, and our family as a whole.

For the future:
I really hope to one day take the twins and the dad to Africa on a  humanitarian trip like I did.  Most likely when they are in JR. High but eventually.
I hope to make it possible for us to live comfortably like we did before we had the twins so that they can enjoy life without that worry being able to give them what they need and some of the things they want.
Total World domination.  I will be a harsh but fair ruler. 
Retire at a reasonably young age.
Still be happily married, enjoying, learning and growing with each other. Even if we both get crazier as the years go on.

Remember the past and how it's created who we are today.

And so on and so forth to eventually die and have my ashes thrown in the Pacific Ocean...if there still is one!?

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