Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Monday

It's the beginning again and everyone says "Hello"!

(Really wishing I had a prof camera...hmm maybe someday!)

Anyway, not much in store this week.  A WIC appointment for the girls on Thursday and a midnight release for a game tonight that we tend to be a little more into than usual during the winter months. :)  Maybe a little Christmas shopping, if we dare.

The twins have slept "too" well these last couple nights.  In bed by 8:30, Oakley hasn't even woken up at her normal 4am.  Now waking at 7am then falling back asleep till 10!  I'm either the luckiest mom in the world or they are just teasing me!

When asked by Mr. A this morning what I was doing (at 9:30am)  I respond.."What every mom should do when their kid sleeps. Sleeping".  Oh is it true, I think most dads don't get to realize the value of sleep as much as us mums.

I cannot help but be so super excited for the coming months of snow.  My love of snowboarding is still going strong and it's been a little over a year since I've been able to go!  
Oh of those mindless Mondays! :) 


  1. Just came across your blog :)

    That little pup's eyes are AWESOME! Such a great pic!

  2. Thank you! :) Hope you enjoyed the read. I am liking the picture on yours! Specially the box hat! lol


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