Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finding time

Finding time while having kids let alone twins/multiples can be..well hard. Specially finding time for yourself.  But I have a few things that have helped out for me:
(May be a little broken record like, but I cannot help but remind myself IT'S POSSIBLE TO FINE TIME!)

Organization, planning, scheduling, organization...


Unfortunately it can be hard to do all of those mentioned.  I for one have never been the greatest at planning, scheduling...lets not even get started on organization.  Although, having multiples seems to have forced me to gain these qualities.  

Getting the kids and my self on a good schedule will let me know when I have time to do certain things. 

The more planning of activities through out the day to fit the schedule the more likely we'll get things done.

Then with a little organization it can make it so that within a good time frame those said activities get complete...again leaving you, (if done right), with some alone time or just simply time to get things done.

I personally like to plan around the twins naps.  Setting aside scheduled play time, eating, then nap I can be sure that after the first two I'll have a solid 1-2 hours of nap (me) time to do things I've wanted to do.  

If the nap time just isn't in the cards due to shortened naps from cranky babies, it's simply comes down to organizing things so that while I work on what I need to the girls are content with what I have planned for them.  

Call me cold or neglectful but if I didn't prop the girls up with their morning bottle I wouldn't eat my own breakfast till that's not a breakfast!  I learned this trick from a fellow mom of  multiples..although I'm sure other moms out there have done the same.  

Throughout the day if I'm hustling around the house they usual seem pretty content following/watching me as I do so.  If not,it usually means it's nap time or they just need some one on one mommy time.  A good 20-30 minutes each of developmental play seems to wear them out and then they'll want to play with each other or nap.

Occasionally, like this last tuesday, one doesn't feel as well and it throws all those rules out the window!  By the end of the day, nothing got done and we're all tired!  But hey, it happens.  I just like to look at all the little things that I get to watch and learn and do with them.  

Not to mention it makes me work that much harder to get things done while I can!  If that's not motivation I don't know what it! :)

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