Friday, December 17, 2010

its amazing

Early this morning I watched Ra Ra (Oakley) as she lay on the couch twiddling her toes together, lift her hand up and admire it.  3 straight minutes of extending her fingers, each one at a time.  Making a fist, releasing.  Twirling her hand back and forth as if to wave to the air.  Pointing and stopping movement to see what has changed.  

It made me think how amazing it is that we are able to experience and learn new things.  Haha, I know I read a little
deep into such a tiny discovery.  But it was just so amazing to see how excited she was to figure this movement out.  Reminding me of how exciting and fun it is to learn, try, and see new things.  Just wishing there was more time to see new things through out our lives.  

It's our little lives and I'm happy with it and am excited to make some new experiences for us to talk about in the future......even if it's as small as just realizing I have a hand I can move on my own.  :)


  1. Don't you wish we could go back to that age with the perception we have now? I mean, I know it wouldn't work because that's kinda... paradoxical? is that a word? well, whatever. I just wish I could remember what was happening back then! Cute kids! =)

  2. Oh how I love chubby little hands...


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