Friday, December 3, 2010

About time!....Now what?!

I finally did it! I've been holding out on getting the twins pictures done, since we missed the newborn stage and all, I was hoping to get them done when they were sitting up on their own. 

So a few months ago I bought a couple of outfits for fall/winter that I have yet to put them in:

1. Because they (the clothes) were too big.  
2. I wanted them to be special and used first for that day.

Well they still are unable to sit up on their own for longer than a few seconds, BUT I had to get scheduled in NOW! We set the appointment for January 5th @ 1pm

Here's what I'm hoping for:
  • They can sit up a lot better by that time (that's a month away..possible..right)?
  • The outfits I bought them still fit them OK. They just seem to be the short but chubby type :). 
  • They cooperate with the photo shoot...wishful thinking?
Anyway, I picked a time I figured SHOULD be good and around their normal schedule. But in all honesty I have no idea what I'm doing?!  How do you prepare your kid to their pictures done?  I cannot even get myself ready for my own!  What do you bring?  Do I feed them before we leave or bring bottles?  Do I need to bring some toys to distract them?  Oh the questions could go on..

SO I'm reaching out to those mom who have done this before! I know it's a month away but that don't matter cho! How did you prepare?  What did you bring?  Was it with one or multiple children?  If it was with multiple did it make it harder or easier?

Any advice would be....Awesome! <3

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  1. Ok here's what I suggest. Feed them before and bring bottles. Don't stress if they fall asleep, sleeping baby pictures are the best. Also don't let the photographer make you feel stressed if they get fussy. All good photographers will wait for the shot. Yes bring toys to get their attention and see if the photographer has a heater to keep the babies warm and comfy.

    Ok good luck :)


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