Friday, December 10, 2010

Holidays and Family

As I sit here watching the twins roll around screeching and stealing each others toys, I've started to think how fun the holidays are going to be from here on out. Not that they haven't been fun my whole life!  I love the holidays!  Just NOW, we get to hide the eggs, play Santa (because the real one asked us to), argue that they have to go to bed RIGHT after the clock strikes 12 and they watch the ball drop, etc. 

Even when we decided to have kids I was nervous we were starting a little too early.  Like we would miss out on what those early 20 somethings always do with them selves.  Thinking we'd have 1, cough, we figured it'd work out. ;) But, I have absolutely no regrets.  Couldn't be happier where we are right now.  We still get to do the things we always have, all be it a little more tight budget, we just get to haul around 2 little gremlins to enjoy our adventures with us.

I really think more people need to realize that kids don't hold you back.  They make things better.  I've heard so many parents tell us things like "Oh just you wait you'll be selling your toys and buying them some", or "say good bye to fun".  Or even the ones who use their kids as an excuse not to get out.  The first year is a little rough, but in all honesty a good baby sitter is not that difficult to find these days. As long as you're willing to put your trust in people. Ask family even, if they can't say no and hold it against you..their fault.
  Money shouldn't even be the issue, why are people so stuck up on money?  Family and friends are what's important.  You don't need money to live life.  Want to camp?  Buy a 20$ tent and go camping, or sleep under the stars.  Want to see the ocean..California isn't Tahiti but it can be just as fun!  I'm one to spend lots of money if I can don't get me wrong, I mean motocross is an expensive sport! But, I also enjoy the smaller things.  The memories of family around a fire, relaxing at home, playing games, etc. I just think people get so upset when they can't go on that expensive trip, or buy that fancy car or trailer, or can't afford to fly.  When what's the point?  So what, you can have fun with out those things!  Then maybe one day you can afford it.  ANYWAY, enough of my rant. (Can you tell I'm a little bitter right now? Not to mention probably contradicted myself on so many levels, ha.) :p

Phew, back on topic.
SO, Even though the twins wont be able to remember much of this Christmas, I cannot wait to get them some gifts and see if they can open their gifts. (I'm sure they can't but it'll be fun)  

Oh boy next year! There is going to be so much to do!  But I'll leave all that for a "New Years" post or something awesomesauce like that. =D


  1. your so right!! Its so much fun to help Santa and i dont see why people compain about money it doenst help them get out of their situation.. just always make the best of what you have and enjoy the time you get to have with your kids.. cause they grow up fast :) thanks for sharing your thoughts! i enjoy reading your blog!!

  2. oh gosh i love this post. it makes me so excited to have kiddos. yours are adorable by the way. i'm quite jealous.

  3. Great, you've just inspired kenzy about children


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