Friday, September 17, 2010


I don't think I've been so happy in my life.  I'm so lucky to be around the people I love daily! 

I can't imagine life without the man in my life, it's simply impossible.  

The longest we've spent away from each other since we've been married was 3 days..and those days were probably some of the longest days.  You never know how much you truly love someone until they're gone. (It's what everyone says, right?) 

It makes me dread the day I spend longer than a day away from the Twins. Yeah they can be the little gremlins that they are. But there are so many great moments I'm able to experience because of them. 

I get to see them grow, learn to smile, learn to laugh.  I'll get to watch as they discover the world around them and become the amazing, awesome people that they are will grow up to be.  They will be who they are because of us!  I hope we don't screw up! But I also hope we have some of the best adventures in the process. 

My little family is perfect, in my eyes, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!


  1. You do have a great little family! We enjoyed hanging out with you. I totally know what you mean about leaving the little one or ones. At first it feels so nice. You get to breathe. And then you miss them. They've got your heart from the beginning!

    Thanks for the post too! That was very nice of you!


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