Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Track

Today the RN from the state came for the girls monthly development check-up.  Weight wise Oakley is in the 85% at 12lbs 11oz, Kenzlee is in the 75% at 12lbs 5oz. 

We took their 2 month development test. They both are scoring great for they development except for grabbing at toys which she said is fine cause most babies at 2 months aren't doing that but soon will.  Everything else they passed.  According to her they are on track and even ahead on a couple things.  

It was interesting to see how much their growth has slowed since they came home.  Although it makes sense, since they were so tiny before hand they had a lot to catch up to.  So in turn were gaining a lot, quickly.  

I'm excited to see how fast quickly they pick up on things, like just last week learning to hold their fists to their mouths and sucking on them.  Or 2 weeks ago finally social smiling.  

We got to see our friend and her little 8month boy Braxton who is just the most adorable boy.  He made me so excited to see our girls at that age.  Being able to sit up, babble, put their own pacifier in their mouth, etc.  

The next few months are going to be fun ones! 

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  1. It was good to see you! You're girls are as gorgeous in person as in pictures! I love them and want to come over and hold them more!


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