Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sometimes in life you get dealt some bad cards.  Your first thought is to fold, give up and just hope you get a better hand later on.  That's the easy way out right?  Throw in the towel so that if it were to get too complicated you wouldn't have to deal.

There are those times that you have no choice to face your nightmares and you have to over come what you thought you never could.

It's really about having faith in yourself.  Faith that you have people there on your side ready to help you and be there for you cheering you on during the worst race of your life.  I sometimes like to think of it as a motocross have lines to pick.  If you pick the wrong one you'll end up losing precious time causing you to fall back.  But you can't go back in time and pick the correct path, you have to learn from your mistake the first lap and try not to follow it again your 2nd.  This life is all about learning and enjoying the ride in the process all while your pit crew cheers you on.

When it gets so hard you can't help but be frustrated and upset, you look at your options.  Do I sit back and say it'll never get better?  Or do I move on and make the best of what's left?

With faith in the love of your friends and family I feel that you will always be able to look to the future.  Realize that one mistake is nothing compared the millions of moments you pick the right line and end up gaining that second, possibly making it to the top.  

Everyone has their hard times.  Everyone works hard.  No one person will ever know exactly how the other feels or what they've gone through.  It's about being there for your loved ones and showing them that you may not understand their exact feelings but you are their shoulder to cry on, their shirt to wipe their tears with and in the end someone who will love them no matter what they decide to do with their lives.  

If we don't have that faith in each other...then what do we have? Besides being afraid and alone.  

Hug the ones close to you and show them that you will always be by their side cheering them to the finish line. 

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