Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 Day Weekends

Aren't they always the best?  I'd have to say, YES!
We were so lucky, thanks to Mr. A's parents watching the girls and our friends parents, we got to go boating on Saturday.  
(I wanna be a rock star) 

We did some wake boarding of course! 

(I drooled sitting there watching my man)


It was the first "real" physical activity since I was pregnant with the twins.  I mean it seriously has been over a year since I worked out some of the muscles I used that day!  So I wasn't up for doing wake skating.  But hey, maybe next time.

So in return I have been pretty sore since then! =D

I really hope to be able to get out on the lakes more next summer since the twins will be older and hopefully I'll have gotten a little more muscle on these bones!

Not to mention the many water parks I feel I've missed this year. Oh and hiking, long boarding, motocross, mountain biking...the list goes on...

Anyway, Monday we had a celebration up in good ol' Mendon.  It was great seeing my family and all the new additions we have in the family.  Congrats to my cousin and his new beautiful wife! To my other cousin and his adorable new little girl...that's what I call a cute baby! :)
Last but not least to my Grandpa!  You've made it 85 years and still looking strong!  Love you and I promise to teach my girls how to eat ice cream before bed. <3
(Thank you as well for the great gifts for the girls.  I cannot wait for them to be able to fit into the clothes)

Everyone was great, I don't think we held the girls longer than 10 minutes while we were there! Haha, everyone was so nice and helped a lot.  They were so tuckered out by the time we got home we actually got some much needed rest last night.

Now it's back to the norm of working day by day to get just a few minutes of time to get things done.  Watching the wee ones grow and grow!

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