Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obsession or a Nerd thing

I will be first to admit I have addiction problems.
First addiction: Foo Fighters
Love 'em, need 'em, follow 'em, Google 'em!

My current obsession/addiction is as follows--

Think about it: You just got a new phone (iPod, laptop, etc), in my case I just got my new iPod Classic for Christmas 2007.  I needed protection, I wanted this baby to stay crisp and clean.  I remembered with my old phone purchasing a clear protective skin from one of those Mall Kiosks.  It was $50 and within 2 weeks was yellow and falling off.  

So, I was in search for something more!
While doing several google searches I found a small company, you guessed it,  I researched them as well as of course looking through a couple other companies.  They seemed to be the right choice!  Durable vinyl decals with plenty of designs and art work to choose from!  If I didn't like what I got I could remove with no gross residue like my previous purchase at the mall. Not only that the prices were amazing!  (and at the time I needed to save!!!)

It took a couple weeks of deciding but I finally picked the one I felt fit me!

To this day it is attached nicely to my iPod leaving it scratch and UV free!

Over the years I have turned friends and family to their website knowing they would not come back unpleased.  Boy was I right, I have yet to have someone complain about the quality of their purchase.  

Since then I've bought skins for almost all my electronics I use daily:

My BlackBerry Storm 
(hopefully soon to be an iPhone thanks to my keyboard failing on me!)

Most recently:
My MacBook

If I ever get bored with the design I'm currently using, then no problem, they come out with new artist works all the time!  Not to mention they have new devices they create skins for almost weekly.  

A new feature I'm hoping to try soon is their "Create Your Own" option that allows you to chose your own art for your device.

If you have or are looking to protect your purchases I highly suggest checking these guys out!

Their fast, friendly, and just simply put AWESOME!

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