Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adjusted Age

The twins are coming up on their 4 month mark and I've been having a hard time getting used to the whole "adjusted age" idea.
It's not only us who have to remember it but the doctors, RN, family and so on.  Marking when their development really will and should begin for certain things. 
(Unless they are ahead of the game, which I wouldn't mind)

It's mainly hard to not have high expectations for them.  Like, they should be holding their head up and sitting up and rolling over. We should be preparing them for eating different things and maybe even start with some sign language. In reality though they are simply 2 months old and aren't to that point yet.  It will come down to us just being patient.  Pounding it into our own heads that they are still small and premature and probably will not catch up until they are at least 1yr or so.  

The funny thing is Mr. A is much better at remembering than I am! :) He consistently has to remind me when I say things like, "shouldn't they be holding their own bottle?!", "No, they aren't even 2 months yet!".....I know I know...I'm just impatient with, well, everything. Ha ha.  

I am proud of them though.  They are such smart amazing girls...they already know how to fake cry and everything! =D  

The rest of the year is going to be so exciting, fun and new.  I really cannot wait.   

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