Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Traveling with Twins

Everyone knows traveling with a baby can either go really well or be a complete disaster.  So, with multiples you kind of need to be ready for the latter, due to 2 different personalities. 
(Kenzlee is easy going...Oakley HATES change!)

We have so far been on one long road trip with the girls, which was to Vegas.  (nothing like a trip to Washington, but still)
I learned a lot during the drive both there and back.  

Here is a list of what I now know to be prepared for:

1.  Being limber is a HUGE plus! I was contorting myself in so many ways to try and wedge in the back at times.

2.  Have a bottle ready for eating if longer than 6 hours..have several.

3.  Even for a young baby small toys that hang from the car seat do wonders for distractions.

4.  Leave after a large meal.  Or during their normal bed/nap time.

5.  Be prepared to stop and change a large poopy diaper ANYWHERE!

6.  Learn to see with your hands.

7.  Have faith in who ever is driving, for those moments you need to unstrap.

8.  If  your kid takes a pacifier..have several on hand. You never know when it will become projectile and lost in the car.

9.  Just because you're not driving doesn't mean you wont have both hands full...either with

10.  Once at the destination, learn where the nearest market for supplies is. 

11.  Make sure you have plenty of comfortable blankets..or your nights will be worse than at home.

12.  On any medication?  DONT FORGET IT!  It will take longer to fill a prescription than it does to double check you have everything.

13.  Try your hardest not to go off schedule.

14.  If your hubby doesn't help much at is the time to teach him how.  If not, you'll go CRAZY!

15.  There is a big chance even if you packed tons of'll buy more.

16.  Because you'll be exhausted there is a chance even you wont be able to tell which baby is which.  (Sorry Oakley) =D

17.  On the first couple days be ready for a rough start.  They know it's different..they don't like it!  

18.  If someone wants to help and hold the kids..let's a vacation!  You see your kids every day, one day of not holding them wont kill you or them.

19.  Don't pack everything unless your certain it's needed...stroller, bouncer, swing, etc.  Otherwise it's just one big pain.

20.  Plan ahead....way ahead if possible.

21. Expect it to all be a blur the first couple times.

22.  And finally just gets easier...or does it? it's not a solid list and there is much more but this is all that has come to mind when going on long drives/trips with the twins.

I really can't wait to go on more trips with them. We just need to remember all the stress of packing and loading and moving along is all worth the end result! :)

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  1. Love the plus TWO :D

    Yeah, just pack the essential thing :D It's a big pain in the ASS when you get there and no use at all! But do not forget the baby blankets, it will hold them the most :D

    Where to find the best baby blanket ?


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