Thursday, September 23, 2010

What if Facebook Died?

As Facebook was down today it made me wonder,  "What would everyone do if it, one day, disappeared all together?"

I really don't know what many people would end up doing?  Going crazy with boredom?  If that's the case has that shown that we have all gotten lazy?

While we could be playing with our kids, dogs, going on walks, doing sports, getting chores done, etc. We find ourselves in front of the computer, our minds numb to the world.  If not the computer though it's the T.V or some type of game console.

What if everyone took a week away from social networks, T.V.'s, games?  If everyone had to find other means of entertainment.  Zeus forbid you end up having to pay more attention to friends and family! Then there is the controversial, "does my cell phone count?"  To be honest? I couldn't answer that question.
Does it count if you're out with your friends and take 2 seconds to let everyone know how awesome you are by being out and about?

 =p  Now, I am not just outing everyone around me...I'm outing myself.  I admit I have a problem with playing Facebook games, checking Twitter updates from my fav's or Netflixin' it up while the Twins nap or eat.  Again it's hard to tear away from the computer when I'm striving to work directly with the internet/computers for marketing/design!  Which goes to show how dependent our community is on technology. 

Maybe we all should take small steps, such as taking one day out of the week to not touch any form of technology that would distract you from real true life!  

Could you do it?  Really do it?

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