Monday, August 23, 2010

It's all about the poop

It's 11:59PM as I'm pacing the floor, a 3 month old screaming ever so slightly in my ear.  I would have thought by now there would be a figure 8 design engraved in the wood floors.  The dogs lay aside watching us when hours before they followed us as if it were a game.  Kenzlee is upset and there is nothing that I can do to stop it.  By the time the clock reads 12:30AM we both are in tears. Missing this happy little face:

 It's been at least 5 days since either of the girls have done their "business" and they are not happy about it.  It's been rough getting them to nap let alone sleep for the night.  I've ready all the tips and tricks but wanted to wait to get a doctors approval due to their premature digestive systems.  
Luckily by 1AM she had not only exhausted herself but myself as well and we both fell asleep.  The rest of the night was a mine field, the slightest breathe or movement sent both into screams of pain.  I feel guilty being their mom and their main food source.  Was it something I'm eating?  How could it be?  It happened suddenly for both and my diet has been the same as when they were born.  Everything was fine one day and wrong the next.  They told us to watch for their poops and they were right, it's all about the poop.  This morning after few hours of sleep I was able to talk to Dr. B who assured me it happens and we can help it move along.  So for the next 24 hours they are getting a couple bottles of water and if this doesn't help they'll be given milk with a tbsp of Karo oil.  I hope it passes soon so we all can get some much needed rest.  I can't imagine how much pain they are in and I feel horrible. Why has motherhood given me such strong emotions! :)

Thank goodness we had such a great's like padding before the storm.  Thanks to the mum-in-law Friday night Mr. A and I were able to get out on a "date night".  Hooray for Date Nights right?!
We went to a Luau put on by one of his schools meeting some great people while eating some amazing food.  By the end of the Luau we headed on over to Miracle Bowl.  I'm happy to say that my main squeeze is amazing at everything he does...except...BOWLING! Ha ha, I finally am better at something, not that it's a competition or anything. ;)  No matter the winner we had a great time. Dancing around while we threw the ball down the alley. I realized 3 things while we were there:
1)  I love bowling!
2) I love bowling shoes!

and 3)  I have got no arm muscle, as I was searching for the lightest ball (8lbs) which was still TOO heavy for me it seemed. 

Bowling ended and homeward bound we were.  I loved getting out but was so excited to go to bed!  Sleep is like the fountain of youth!

You know the location of the fountain until you have then only catch glimpses of where you last saw it as you fight to reach it again.  Or something-

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  1. I hope the storm passes soon!! Poor little family!! They sure are adorable though!


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