Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Portraits and Shopping

I've been wanting to get some pictures taken of the girls ever since they've been home.  So naturally I've been looking around at the available photographers/studios out there and their pricing. 
After taking a gander and some information as well as potential places to go we have decided to wait until the girls are 5-6 Months old till we pay to get their portraits.  

They have passed that "newborn" stage where they are sleepy all the time and pretty content with whatever you do with them.  Currently in their fussy stage where they want to be moving on their own but can't and are stuck crying to hopefully get where they want.  So theory is, (from what we've read), it's best if we wait till the 5-6month stage when they are able to sit up on their own, can smile and interact with the camera a little better.  After thinking about it, I completely agree.  I'm pretty sure I'd have an aneurism from the stress if I had to worry about them being little angles for a photographer.  

It in a way sucks that we couldn't get those cute new born pictures you see all around due to them being in the NICU from the get go.  But it is what it is, they have some cute NICU pictures as well as I don't mind taking TONS of photos of them till we can get them professionally done.  

Like this one =D

Anyway, last night was a rough one.  For some reason I was not meant to get any sleep and was up from 1AM The joys of parenthood, yeah?  

Besides the circles under the eyes, today was a great day!  It was the girls first day shopping!  (What us girls are made for right?) Luckily their gamma was off to help out with the totting around.  We have quite a bit of preemie stuff that needed to be returned and since at the time I was hoping to get some outfits for a photo shoot..we looked for those.  The girls did great!  They were quiet and sleeping the entire time.  We were able to go to Carter's and Babies-R-Us.  We didn't find any outfits for photos, maybe that's a good thing, but we did exchange what was needed and got some really cute 6month old outfits! I cannot wait for them to be able to fit into those.

I still need to wander on over to Kid-2-Kid and see if we can find some swim suits for their first road trip/vacation to Las Vegas in the coming month.  Not only that, but I've been trying to find some bows I can stick on their head and headbands..either I'm picky or it's hard to come by good ones.  If not at Kid-2-Kid I've seen that Old Navy might have some good stuff.  (Or the mall but..that's a whole other journey)

Today was also the first day they had their RN from the health department come visit them to monitor their grown and development.  Good news!  They're doing great!  Trying to hold their heads up like a normal 1 month 2 week old baby. =D 

Weighing a whopping 10#'s 7oz for Ms. O. and 10#'s 3oz for Ms. K.

  The RN will be coming once a month to check their development.  So that'll be great to make sure we're on the right track and they are doing well.

So far tonight has gone better than last. The girls were in bed by 8PM and are still there.....So..I guess that's mean I should try and sleep before it's too late!  


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