Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer time...

and the livin's easy!

It's been hot and it's been great!  We haven't done a whole lot with our selves other than sit around relaxing, hey that's great if you ask me! :)  We need all the rest we can get right now.  
The last week has been so amazing weather wise!  I love summer thunder storms, makes me feel like a kid again "Ohhh"ing and "ahhh"ing at every lighting crash.  
We were able to get some pretty cool pics of the sky one of the nights after a did almost everyone else it seemed like. 

(Yeah...hard to get a good pic of the sky without the dang roof...if only I had a ladder!)

Sadly the pictures don't do it justice!

I've been messing with the digital camera a bit more, I'm not artist with it but it's been fun! lol
I get a little carried away sometimes...

(Messing with the settings...manual old cameras are so much easier, haha)

Miss Oakley getting ready for her nap!

They are growing so fast and good it's hard to imagine they were so fragile less than 3 months ago!
Last time we weighed them they were 9lbs3oz and 9lbs6oz with a length of 20-21in.  
They are observing us so much more and taking everything in.  I'm pretty sure Oakley giggled for the first time while I was tickling her on Aug 8.  It was a short screech but so cute!  
We've been starting to learn what gets them to sleep and helps them sleep longer periods.  Their schedule is getting fairly solid.  Making it easier to know when they'll be hungry give or a take a half hour or so.  Every parent says this about their kid but we have some pretty dang cute little ones....

(Cuddling with daddy)


As of August 8,  I am an Auntie again!
Kayleigh Nicole was born 6lbs 10oz!  I'm so proud of her mumsy she did such a good job!
I can't wait to meet the little one.


Yesterday my parents were so awesome and watched the girls for a bit while the man and I took a hike up to Sliding Rock in Alpine.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot.  We were very excited to get out of the house and into doing things we used to before they were born.  (Although I was very excited to get home to the girls!)

(My shoes were a trendy topic with the idea why, haha)

Obviously we took the pups, boy oh boy are they so sore right now!  We kind of feel bad, they are just hobbling around the house as if they never get out.  Both loved the water, although poor Kiona scared herself in the upper pool.  She started swimming in it and got spooked and then tried to climb up a vertical rock wall...lets just say it didn't work out amazing and she seemed to hurt herself.  After that she didn't get in the water much and made a point to stick by our sides.  Auzzie Bear on the other hand just couldn't get enough of swimming around.

(The water was so cold and refreshing!)

(Goobers much?)

(The digital doesn't take the best videos and we forgot to bring the flip so we made do..)

All in all we had a great time.  We can't wait to go again with friends very soon as well as hope to some day take the girls...there were 4yr olds up there going down alone!  It's a tiny hike for some great summer time activities.  =D

This coming week is going to be rough...Austin goes back to work this morning and I'm nervous about being alone all day with the girls.  I wont get anything done and we'll probably spend a lot of it on the couch juggling one after the other! I know I can do it though....well...I have to do it! I've had such great help since they've been home, sadly help can't be here always.  

SO we'll see how it goes!  I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on if I survive or not.....

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