Thursday, August 12, 2010


It hits me about the same time every day.  That time of day when no longer do we want to be in bed anymore, it's time to see the world..and we STRETCHHH!  Not only do I stretch but I have 2 identical stretches happening right next to me.  That is when it hits me that my genes created some kooky kiddos!
It's hard to imagine how hard parenthood could ever be.  It's humbling in so many ways.  You're never ready for it even if it's planned and everything you've been waiting for.  One thing is true that everyone tells you, your brain dies after giving birth, ha ha.  Austin was asked if we've aged 10 yrs....I answer, "Yahuh"

Life alters in the blink of an eye!  It's great great!  Despite how horrible this week has gone, yes it's been rough, I wouldn't want it any other way!  You really need to just find a balance..not only for your new comers but for yourself.  A balance of doing what's right and needs done then doing things for yourself.  Get out, have fun, life isn't over.  If anything it's just begun and become that much more amazing.

It's those 10 minutes of smiles and cuddles that makes everything, OK.  
One day I'll miss those cuddles and wish for it all to come back.

Even though the last few days were rough, today wasn't so bad.  Oakley and I even were able to get in some tummy time with some toys.  She was loving it...till she realized she couldn't turn over on her own.     It was so fun to watch her eyes at how curious she was of everything she could see.  Her brow was furrowed the whole time as if her brain was turning taking it all in. 

What happen to when grown ups were so innocent?  When all we cared about was playing and how much fun we were going to have the next day?  I miss those days.  I try though, try really hard to think of how I can spend my day with no regret and enjoy it.  It's hard, I think when you get older you start to realize all the worries and fears that come with this world....if only we could be sheltered.  Then again, why would you want to hide from the truth?

Yeah, I don't know either.  

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