Friday, May 15, 2009

Failboat Full Timers

(Before we start I would like to say I'm going to start every blog with a random thing..random fact I guess you should say :) Enjoy).

****Rather than kiss, Samians simply smell each other****

That's what I call you people who like working full time!

You're crazy and I do not support your craziness! I'm full time now and I will tell you this, I work VERY hard to hold in my screams.

Call me lazy, whatever you say will not change my mind. Yes the money is amazing, but seriously people. Lets all just go out and do what we love how about that? (Unrealistic)

Anyway, I'm happy to say that we are becoming way more active these days. Probably because of the great weather, but also probably because of how icky we feel! We took our dogs hiking Wednesday of this week and it was a blast. The best part was watching a 10lb Chihuahua trying to clime up cliff rock. I even tried to stop the little bugger to let him chill but he kept on chuggin! Then my other dog, our Australian Shepherd, good lord he is like a mountain goat. He was climbing up ledges I wouldn't even dare to! It was crazy to watch, I kept calling to him cause I was scared haha. If dogs could talk I'm sure he'd by like the teen who keeps telling their parents to "Chill"!

So tomorrows Plans are to work out in the morning, relax, work on my bike for a while hopefully getting it running. Then later in the afternoon hopefully go for a nice hike again.
I'm stoked.

See ya'll tomorrow!
<3 Hettya

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