Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Snow!

Wow! Blizzards in April! Who would have thought?

One thing I do suggest though on nights like that--Sledding!

As soon as I got of work we went and picked up our 13yr old cousin to spend the night and I, the genius that I am, thought it would be the coolest idea to go to WalMart (Hell!) and buy a cheapo sled!

We get the sleds, grab some grub and head up to Rock Canyon Park. Now if you've never heard of Rock Canyon Park you should! It's a huge park that has a kind of "bowl" in it. GREAT for sledding! By the time we get there it's already 2am BUT WHO CARES! We didn't. It was snowing, we had our dog our sleds and full bellies. We were ready to go.

Within minutes we were soked, my jeans would not stay on my body, the snow was so deep it was up to our dogs neck (Keep in mind he's an Australian Shephard). He had to LEAP through the snow just to move! The hill was perfect, on top of having a laugh every time that you went down the hill our dog would run and try to jump on with you!

Anyway, by 3am neither of us could feel our toes so we figured it would be the best time to head home now.

I'll have to tell you, that was the most fun I've had in a long time. I don't know why? It was just a blast.

So--the snow has melted away by mid day today, probably the last we'll see of it until next year.
I'll miss the snowboarding but I wont miss the cold.

I'm ready for the heat!

Well I ought to get back to work!

Later days!

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