Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terrible Tues.....days.

So- It's only Tuesday and I feel like I'm about to crack. I'm 100% ready for the weekend again, even if I have to study for finals this weekend. Oh man! Finals!!!! *Pulls out hair*

K, I know this is lame but I really, really want to see 17 Again! Ha ha, it looks entertaining. And I mean Chandler BING! ;) It's worth a shot. Can't be worse than some of these movies that have come out lately.

I'm thinking of going to work full time. It'll be nice to have the extra money, and if I get the right schedule I can keep full time through the next school full semester. Arg, I hate full time though, it's son mundane and annoying. If only we could all just work our dreams jobs yeah? Well, that's what those are.."DREAM" job. Like you'll most likely only have a good job in your dreams.

Anyway don't have much to say...just bored at home.

<3 Hetty

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