Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow day

This is outside my window today..

More snow!!  Normally I wouldn't complain and would be packing up to go snowboarding...normally.  Today though we are sticking inside.  The Rugby game against the rivaled, dreaded, even feared(?) BYU was cancelled. Which is good for me since my ankle right now is in no shape.  So, it will be in the near future we will face them and dominate!!...that's right..I went there because I have faith.

The girls are sporting their fresh and clean Fo-Hawks...

Whilst occasionally attacking each other....

The ninja monkey is sporting some comfy looking green and red Christmas socks while I sip my hot chocolate and attempt to catch up on some homework.  But am unfortunately getting distracted as he plays with the dogs and girls being way too cute in the process!  

As many of you know I'm wanting a camera, well because we don't have one.  I have had to resort to using my iPhone camera since over a year or more.  So with tax season upon us I've been searching the classifieds for a used camera.  I've mostly been looking into a Canon Rebel XSi.  New they range $6-500, used I've seen as low as $420.  (With a 18-55 lens)  Problem is, if I do buy used I have NO IDEA what to be looking for in terms of wear and tear, what should be functioning correctly, etc.  Google has done little in helping me with this venture and I don't know as many camera experts as I wish I did.  Or I'm too shy to ask.  SO, if any of you readers out there know of some advice for this shopping endeavor please do not hesitate to tell me! <3  

 Also I cannot help but to mention how much I'm freaking out about next weekend!  The team is heading to San Diego for games Saturday and Sunday.  Do you realize I haven't been away from my girls for longer than a day.....EVER! (since they were born anyway)  I'm nervous, I wish they could come with but that's too long of a journey just for a few days.  Can I do it?  Honestly I don't know!  I hope so, I'm already nervous about how they will be and if they will need me while I'm gone.  RaWr!  Of course I trust their dad and know he will have plenty of helping why am I so worried?!?!   

I hope everyone has a Super Happy Weekend!  To all those who can:
Snowboard, sled, ski, have a snowball fight...and remember..

It's a perdy world out there!

Just don't get eaten by the domo--


  1. just came across your blog! it's fabulous! you have some great insight on your posts! your little ones are adorable!

  2. you have the prettiest blog and adorable family!


  3. The girls are so adorable! I bet the snow day was so fun! We got snow here this week as well, but it wasn't really enough to play in which was kind of a bummer. It's dumping in the mountains though!

  4. first - your babies are so darn adorable! 2nd- I love that picture, although snow is not a fav of mine..♥ have a fabulous rest of the weekend.

  5. Thanks all! Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend despite the cold. :) We did play a little in the snow but not much mostly just were potatoes.

  6. ow i'm loving that hair, very cute!!


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