Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting through

As some of you have already seen from yesterdays post, little Ms. O is sick.  We are thinking it was caused by her sister having the croup a week or so back, but unfortunately Oakley got the worst of it.

They are certain it's bronchiolitis, with signs of it being RSV.  They didn't test her for it though considering they would be treated the same.  

The last few days have been a little crazy and stressful.  Monday she was acting tired, coughing and mostly just laying around not wanting to participate in playing much.  Tuesday while I was in class I got a call from my mom who was watching them saying she needed to be seen right away.  She wasn't eating, sleeping, and her breathing was very labored.  

So I left school early to come home and see her in such a condition it brought tears to my eyes.  She just looked so unhappy and miserable.  Their regular doctor had recently broke his leg and was going in for surgery so we had to schedule an appointment with another ped in the same office.  

We took her in as soon as we could and as they checked her oxygen levels and monitored her for some time, they were certain she was going to need to be seen at the hospital.  Mostly to be suctioned in hopes of helping the situation but also because she is a preemie and these things escalate quicker for them.

It was hours of waiting before the hospitals pediatric and respiratory therapist were able to come and get her.  They finally came, and we were taken up to a room on the Mother Baby floor for her to be assessed and suctioned.  The pediatrician came in and pointed out her retracting stomach-something we saw when they were born and needed oxygen- as well as explaining her whining she was constantly doing.  They had a check list that would determine how severe she was.  

The first assessment she was graded at a 5/6 which was moderate.  They then suctioned her-which was probably one of the things I have always hated see them go through.  Little was removed except for enough for the therapist to hear more clearly.  The second assessment after the suction she was graded a 7/8.  Which was severe.  Her stomach was retracting not only in one position but two, and her wheeze was no longer masked by the build up of mucus.  They decided to give her a albuterol treatment right there, afterwards trying to get her to drink some juice.  
After the treatment she was assessed at a 6.  Back in the moderate range as well as she was able to get down about 2oz of liquid.  Their main concern was her being able to eat.  With treatments it was obvious improvement  and they didn't want to admit her unless absolutely necessary .

We were sent home 7 hours later from our leaving the house with a prescription for albuterol and a nebulizer.  With orders to watch her closely because of how border line she was, giving her treatment every 4 hours as needed.  As well as to get as much liquids down her as possible.  The great thing about having connections in the medical field was that she was seen by the doctor rather than just by the stand by suction lady who was just filling in.  The respiratory therapist also mentioned he recognized us and remembers them when they were in the NICU.  It was great to know we were in good hands.  They put orders to the day staff that if we were to come back in that they would make sure the doctor on the floor would check her.

The poor thing was exhausted and to our relief she slept the entire night, once we had her home in bed at 11:30pm.  The next day she was showing signs of improvement.
I gave her a morning treatment since she was not eating well and suctioned her the best I could.  

I couldn't help but think how cute she was with her Bubbles the Fish mask which to me looked more like a dragon due to every time she would breath out the mist from the medicine would steam out the sides, like she was angry. 

Luckily she started to show signs of being hungry and actually wanted to play with her toys. 

She still took several naps and didn't move or eat as much as normal BUT it was better than before. 
We took her in for a follow up Wednesday evening and were told she is still not in the clear and to be good about getting her to drink and if she is needing treatments more than every 2 hours or unable to breath with the treatments to bring her to the ER.

That night was pretty rough, she couldn't sleep and didn't lay down till nearly 11pm again.  Waking up at 4am needing a treatment.  

They were going to be blessed this coming Sunday but that has been postponed until she is in good health, which will hopefully be within the next week or 2.  

From what I'm hearing today while I'm at school she is doing much better than Tuesday but still unable to rest very well.  We are trying to keep things separated from her and her sister because Kenzington is still likely to catch the same thing. 
Oh the stress and joys of being a parent.  

I am just glad and thankful for all the support we have had from friends and family!  I love you all!
From sending your love and prayers to even dropping off some foods for the little one while we were at the hospital.  (Yes we were not expecting to go there and didn't have any formula or even enough wipes, lol)   Everyone has been great! 


  1. oh my. Bless her little heart...and yours too. Having a sick baby is the worst feeling in the world! I'll keep her in my prayers!!

  2. She is so adorable!! I will pray for you and your beautiful family!! :]

  3. i feel for you!!! i hope that she gets better soon and her sweet sister doesnt get it!! let us know if you need anything!! you are in our prayers :)


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