Thursday, February 17, 2011

No banana

So I couldn't help but share this with my followers.  Many have already seen it on my Facebook, either way here it is again.  Ms. K was having lunch and I was giving them some banana rice crisp snacks, well she had eaten a couple bites and stopped..So I asked her if she wanted more..this is what she told me:

It was too cute!  She only did it when I asked her and would shut her mouth real tight but I don't know if she was even understanding what she was doing!

Anyway, this week has been a little busy, ever since Sunday, with school, play, practice, etc.  Practice last night was hard, painful, and fun.  We worked on some tackles and yes, I'm bruised!  Haha.  Saturday we have our first game at SUU and I'm a little freaked out!  Sadly the girls wont get to come to this game and it will just be me taking a day trip while they stay and play with dad.  But next game will be at home so they can come watch mommy get smashed!  YAY! :)

Lots of homework, resting, and fun ahead, since Ms. K seems to have some stomach bug we are hoping she is better by the weekend.  (They just have been steam rolled these past 30 days with sickness, poor things)

There has been a bit of drama lately that I'm happy to say we/I have decided to stay out of.  We were unfortunately brought into it unnecessarily  and in normal circumstances would stress about it, but we feel it's in our best interest to leave it be and focus on our lives.  Too many times have we tried to mend the fences to have it blown over, again.  I know it happens with everyone because we have heard so many stories and are thankful for some great advice from people who have gone through similar.  

So with that said, here is to us growing, loving, playing and enjoying the next few months as a crazy ride!  Soon enough the girls will be 1...o.m.g...ONE!  At that time we'll have 2 crazy gremlins running around making us even more consumed than we already are! <3


  1. ahhh a girl after my own heart! get that banana outta my face! lol. TOO cute!

  2. How CUTE!!! Love it.

    Happy Weekend!!!

  3. CUTE!! Hey, you won my giveaway! Email me (my email is on the page) and I'll connect you with Chrissy to collect your prize!


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