Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He had delusions of adequacy.

For all of you out there who seem to think we REALLY care what you think---awesome news!  We don't.  Last time I checked no one payed any attention to your awesome tid bits.  
I must say, you have nothing to prove to me.  I know life for you isn't that pleasant.  Maybe the love sac isn't as great as it once was.  I'm sorry.  Hopefully one day you'll notice it's not everyone else who is failing it's you.
Now that that's over, I had a nice long weekend of relaxation. Nothing of importance.  Spent some quality time with my family and moved on.  Didn't get to work Monday, but what are you ganna do?  That place is retarded these days anyway.  They see their the fungus that lives on crap.  
I'm pretty sure I'm going to strangle my puppy...she's driving us insane.  Alas I love her and will always love her, and hope she grows up to be just like Auzzie Bear!  =D
Also everyone check out the band Mew!  :) Great stuff!
K I'm out..

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