Monday, September 28, 2009

Long time no talk!

Wow these last couple weeks have gone by like a roller coaster!  Not so hot weekdays, but GREAT weekends!

It's so crazy to live for the weekends..not used to it really.

Couple weekends ago was the Dew Tour...have some great video and pics.  Still need to get the vids posted somewhere.  Here is my favorite picture though--Jeremy Stenberg taking it home for Team Cali Boys!:

It was so freaking awesome...Glad I made it at least for the finals.
Then of course another horrible week that led up to another great weekend.  Friday night I got off work early (Thanks to the amount of hostility).  Klub was staying the night so we decided to go do some longboarding and a spur of the moment Lehi Foot Hills  hike.  Pictures Here.   Went home and watched Friday the 13th (2009). 
Best of all was Saturday morning...waking up KNOWING I get to go riding!  I was sooo excited...with a little dred of being so out of shape.  Man was it worth it though.  We definatly need to make more time to do that stuff.  It's been way too long.

Now it's another Monday--I'm just waiting for this week to be just as bad as before.  I used to try the whole, "think positive and life will be positive", yeah well.  That  hasn't worked for me in the past few months.  So I have kind of given up on that.  I'm just taking things as them come and suck my life away!  =D 

Bought tickets for the New Moon movie too!  It's going to be great.  I'm way too excited....and to all you haters....It doesn't matter that they sparkle!  THEY ARE HOT! ;)

Anyway Ta Ta For Now!

<3 Hetty

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