Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Weekend EVER!

Wow, this last Labor Day weekend was just so amazing.   
The whole weekend was just jam packed with awesomeness.
Saturday, we went out and had a nice relaxing time with my parents.  Saw the new movie Gamer.  Which by the way I thought was great.  A little gory and nude scenes here and there, but it was definitely worth seeing.
After the movie we got some grub at JCW's (Always a good choice).  Then went car searching, sadly coming up short.  But we ended the night with a great game of laser tag with our friends Cozy and Mitch.
Sunday we planned on spending most of the day alone since we hadn't had much of that alone time for a while.  But around noon the in-laws asked if we'd like to go for some boating around 2.  Of course we did, they were so nice to invite us cause it was such a relaxing time!  Loved it, just floating on the water, jumping in now and then to cool off.  Great day.  We then went home played some games and relaxed.  
Monday was just freaking awesome, it was the day of the Blink concert, we were going to go see if any dealer ships were open to check out some cars.  We were lucky enough to find an awesome car!  After some test driving of the competition of course.  The only down side was we were a little late for the concert due to the signing of papers for the car.  So we missed the first couple bands before Blink.  Luckily we caught the butt end of Taking Back Sunday though.  Bought our selves some kick A T-shirts, and rocked out!  Travis Barker did the craziest drum solo ever!  Got it all on video.  Man it was just an amazing concert, which was all made possible by getting Free tickets from someone we know. 
Really the weekend was just so GREAT!  Couldn't have had a better time...I think....
Anyway, yeah I didn't explain it as awesome as it was..but trust me on this..I know thy sweetness!
Loves <3

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  1. I'm happy you had such a good time! It sounds like it was amazing :)


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