Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RAWR! It's Wednesday!

*****One-fourth of the world's population lives on less than $200 a year Ninety million people survive on less than $75 a year.*****

Today, we went house shopping again. We found some really, really nice homes. Sadly 2 of them were in horrible locations or we would have put offers on the table. I mean they were gorgeous inside, and homey. The outsides were just horrible, neighborhood, surrounding features, etc. Very stressful when that happens.

We did find one that we made an offer on today! We will hear what they think about our offer by tomorrow night. I HOPE they consider us. The house was just so perfect. Exactly what we were looking for and in a great location to boot!

I can't wait for this house shopping to be done though, it's stressful and draining.
(Especially when you don't eat before you go)!

So I'll keep an update of the ins and outs and ups and downs probably!


Hetty <3

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