Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

  • I have a lot of house work to do and no motivation to do it.
  • I also have lots of post ideas and things to catch up on, again, no motivation.
  • It's summer time and beautiful outside which means I should have LOTS of motivation!
  • Thinking that maybe the allergies are what getting me into the unmotivated mood.
  • Watched Kenzlee crawl for the first time the other day (i'll post a vid hopefully soon) and it made me realize they are growing up to fast.  
  • Excited that we are busy this summer but for some reason not really feeling relaxed.  
  • There are very few pictures of me and the girls together.  Someday soon we need to do family portraits.
  • I want to go
  • Seeing the stars while camping the other weekend really made my month.
  • Hoping to get finish up some projects I started before school was out.
  • really in need of a good trim and things, my poor hair.
  • I miss rugby.
  • I miss my motorcycle which is almost ready to ride.
  • Need to get a new battery for my road bike.
  • Really should just go through my blogroll and read all my lovely blogs I follow, since it's been a while!
  • thinking this list could go on..
  • My mind is full!


  1. Motivation is hard for me lately, too. I have a sink full of dishes to prove it :)

  2. housework is overrated, i hope you went and got your hair did and layed out in the sun all day!

  3. My motivation gets like that, where there's too much to do that I just don't want to do any of it. At least the weather is nice. Hope the girls are great!


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