Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Adventures To the Zoo!

This summer started off pretty busy, as a lot of you can tell by my lack of posts!
I had this great idea that I'm going to post our summer adventures (So far we have 4 that I'm editing pictures for and so on)!  Great idea? Yes! I agree, hehe.

  We took the girls camping and it was probably something that I never thought would go as smoothly as it did.  Of course nap time was a bit of a hassle but other than that I think it went better than planned.  

Just before it got too hot out here we decided that since the girls were showing more and more interest in animals it would be perfect to take them to the local Zoo.  Neither of us had been in so long, the girls weren't the only ones excited about seeing animals.  

The entire time was just so much fun and the girls G-rents came along for the experience, which made it even better.  At first it took a while to get the girls to notice the animals.  They were mainly entertained with the simple fact that they were out of the house and seeing new people around them.  

We saw some kids on wooden horses and I insisted on putting the girls on them..I'm pretty sure we enjoyed it way more than they did, ha!  It was just too cute. :)

Our zoo has a Jurassic theme going on where scattered throughout the park there are animatronic dinosaurs.  It was cool at first, but to me it just got annoying only being able to hear fake dinosaur roars instead of the wildlife.  
The girls were afraid of the T-Rex because he would roar every so often and it was loud!  

But we still figured feeding him might make him happy ;)

After a bit they really started to notice the animals around them.  Kenzlee especially completely fell in love with them all and would squeal with glee despite the "please be quiet" signs.  Oakley on the other hand has a completely odd reaction to animals.  She does it at home as well with her pretend kitty and ducky.  She gets super excited but if they come too close or she feels like they are too close she gets very nervous and does this "I'm excited but I'm going to cry too", type of thing.

The male tiger was separated from the females and was just walking around his area growling!  It was sooo cool!  He would just get louder and louder and then he would jump around from his den to tree stumps.  I can say I completely loved seeing him almost as much as I loved seeing the Chimps and Monkeys.  

They had the baby elephant out that day and o.m.g. so cute!  Everyone was just in aw at how adorable the mother and it were!

Something I have to say while we were leaving we saw protesters outside the zoo, stating that the elephants were suffering within the zoo- while they stood in the 90 degree weather with no shade holding a child that looked to be 6 months non the less.  Anyway, I couldn't help but just shake my head at the fact that these people seem to not understand the options these animals have.  I will admit, maybe I fully don't either.  What I do know is this:
I've been to Africa, I've spoken to the people, villagers, and park rangers about the elephants.  Even if the elephants are placed in a "protected" thousand acre reserve out in Africa, poachers still sneak in at night and kill them.  It's something that is so completely hard to stop that it's causing lots of government issues among other things.  Heck, while we were there we saw poachers jumping the fence and running as we were leaving the park late at night.  From what I've seen and heard, how is it worse to live in a zoo were you are fulling taken care of, live a full life, compared to the chance of being killed while your young is left to die to the elements?  Isn't that suffering as well?

Sorry, it's my "people don't make sense to me" speech...but moving on!

Going back to the monkeys this little guy and his buddy just made me laugh and giggle.  He just sat quietly on his branch holding his lovey!  Another tiny monkey.  He would just pet it and look at it.  

The girls really seemed to like this guy, he was walking back and forth in front of the window waiting for his trainer.  The girls would just giggle and watch saying "igty igty"...loved it.

Surprisingly we finished in a couple hours, it resulted in a great experience and a good chance to get out of the house.  We cannot wait till they are more aware of what the animals are and can take them again.

What summer adventures are you experiencing?  

Happy Tuesday! ❤

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  1. Fun! Lucky you the kitties were awake! It was cloudy when I went and the kitties were asleep. So I have dim pics of sleeping kitties. LOL Glad you went though... I like the Hogle Zoo. It's cute. Love the pic of her in the dinosaur's mouth! Wicked cute.


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