Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh Hai!

I know I haven't been updating as per usual.  I think I've come to be a bit lazy in these growing summer days.  We are all doing awesome.  The gremlins were both weighed and measured recently
Oakley 22.9lbs  27in
Kenzington 22.5   27in

we have had a lot going on through the weekends but then our weekdays are pretty much boring! That's not really a bad thing in the summer right?

I do have a question for all you moms or people who just know! 
The twins have recently stopped wanting bottles and are really just wanting solid foods regularly which is great, it's about time for them.  The thing is, even after some faithful google searching,  I just can't seem to think of good meal plans for them.  You know what to feed them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Oakley seems to be super picky and if we are persistent she'll eat what we give her but usually she would prefer to settle for bread and oatmeal.  
They aren't allergic to anything so far, we've tried peanut butter and eggs so on.

So my question is, when your kids started to eat solids regularly what did you feed them for meals?  Easier things are obviously more appealing to me but semi more in depth is great too! 

Any help would just be great cause I seriously have a brain block with this. 

We are taking the girls on their first camping trip this weekend and I'm super excited but super worried too.  Mostly worried that I'll forget something they'll need, or they wont sleep well.  Any tips there, also welcome! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of their dirtyness and first time in the wild, right were they belong, hehe.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll be sure to keep on top of updates and posts here on out!
{Happy Friday!}


  1. We do a lot of finger foods since we don't have to spoon feed them.

    Breakfast: Waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs w/ cheese, oatmeal, toast, melon, bananas

    Lunch: Grilled cheese, PB&J, cheese and crackers, yogurt, bananas, Chicken nuggets

    Dinner: Usually whatever we eat. they love meatloaf, hot dogs, burgers, pasta

  2. I'm interested to see the comments here for ideas later on down the road :)

  3. I feed my boys pancakes, flapsticks (cut up in small bites) or fruit breakfast bars in the morning. For lunch and dinners we do deli meat and cheese, chicken nuggets, mini corn dog nuggets, small raviolis. They also like to eat cut up chicken breast and hamburger. Hope this helps. I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed when I made the transition to feeding them all solids. It was just so much easier to buy the jars all ready to go! :)

  4. If they are showing less interest in their bottles I would take them away now. I did it right when mine were 1 and it was easy. The nuby sippy cups I think helped most kuz the nipples are so soft. I also just feed mine anything we eat & cut it up small. It's helped them not be picky (I think). I also bought a little food processor for things I get nervous about them choking on. Hope your camping trip was fun! ;)


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