Monday, June 6, 2011

Filled up

Well we made it back from the first camp out of the season and first camp out for the twins, alive.  It was  a fun time and spent with good friends.  The girls seemed to enjoy it despite not being able to nap very well because of the heat.  I felt a little stressed and unprepared but I think next time around it will be a little different. :)  They also seem very happy to be home because they have slept and napped so amazing since we got back, it's been beautiful to say the least!  I'll have to post up some pictures here in the next couple days.  

I want to thank everyone for all the food/meal advice for the twins!  It really has helped a lot and I think we have them on a good routine and have figured out some healthy stuff they seem to really enjoy!  So, yes, again thank you it really made things a lot easier around here, hehe.  

They are both so close to crawling everywhere rather than rolling and scooting.  Kenzington we think may walk first, she is walking along furniture more than she attempts to crawl.  Boy, am I frightened but so excited for when all that starts happening!  It's going to be a rush of craziness on so many levels, from baby proofing to just being simply proud that they are doing these amazing things and we get to watch.

Oh the joys of being a parent!  We were just talking last night about how excited we are when they reach the age that we can teach them to ride dirt bikes and snowboard and all that good stuff.  They already ride around on their little dinosaur and fairie-mobile, totally loving it!  

Hopefully everyone had a fantastic weekend!  It was super hot here, which was a nice change from all the cold stormy weather.  
This week we are heading in to get Oakley's leg X-rayed to make sure the bone is healing correctly and then they also both will get their shots.  :)  Fun week!  

Cannot wait for the weekend but totally loving the days in-between!  

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