Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving forward

Why am I so lucky? 
Drama happens everywhere with everyone. Everyone has problems and obstacles they have to overcome. No one life is the same. Which in turn makes it hard for others to understand the difficulty of your own. 
This little family has had their ups and downs but I'm trying really hard to put things into perspective. To realize that as long as we have each other we can overcome these obstacles and also realize that everyone is different and we just need to be there for one another. 
In the end I'm lucky for all that I have and am able to accomplish. 

Sorry for the quality of the photos. I haven't moved them from my Lappy to my Desktop yet so I'm using re-saved grainy images. :)

This summer has come and gone we have been so very busy. Our vacations have been amazing and the twins wont stop growing. 
I don't normally openly talk about our religious beliefs. Mostly due to the "book by it's cover" policy. If some people were to know that I grew up LDS many would instantly assume I was a specific way. Without getting to know the history behind everything leading to this point.
I have not been active in the church since I was 19. At which point I was a nursery teacher along side my mother. I enjoyed it. I love kids. I have always had second thoughts and doubts in my mind about the Church though. Mostly based on past experiences that I wont really go into at this point..maybe another day.

Anyway, once my parents moved back to Washington I stopped going. I moved to another city and just never got involved in my ward. Through my doubts though I never once doubted my belief in the LDS church at the roots.  Again, more I could go into but wont.
The dude is a convert and, as well, hasn't been active for years. So when we met, it wasn't an issue or even really discussed. Until we had kids.
Once the twins were born we both felt like all children should have some backbone or stepping stone, I should say, of religion. At this point it was a matter of getting the push to finally go.

With things being hard and us struggling with things as a family, I started to really miss the church. The feeling that I got learning the things I did and how much I really did enjoy it. The support and friendship that I found with others through the church. Even if I chose not to see it at the time. To me it's been hard to just show up one day and say "Hey, I really didn't like coming to church for the 2 years we've lived here, so never did..but I'm here now!" 
But like I said, with things how they've been we felt like now was the right time. I feel like that was a good sign though, that we didn't force it, we didn't push ourselves into something we really weren't ready for.  

Waiting for the time that we felt was right, to me, was perfect.

So far, we've been a few times. The gremlins love their nursery and don't even seem to notice us leaving them behind. 
The first couple attempts us worried parents accompanied by my parents support, sat in the hall every now and then checking on the twins. Assuming at some point they would realize we were gone and scream. Or so we hoped as an excuse not to attend class.
With a little nudge from my dad though we did finally go to Sunday school this last weekend.

I will honestly say I didn't hate it. The things we spoke of and hearing the opinions of others was very refreshing and interesting. Even the dude enjoyed it, although he did admit during a semi important part he was lost in deep thought about Batman.  I couldn't argue...I too get lost in the awesome that is Batman. 

Most of this is a ramble, vent even. Very probably confusing and lost in translation! But bottom line, I think we are moving forward in directions that we should be. We are growing and repairing as a family, with support from so many around us as well.  

It's those little events and "mooshy gooshy" feelings that make me realize how great things are. As well as how much I should hold on to the tiny moments in life. Even if it takes large steps and struggles to get those moments. 

Like this for example:
Taking O and K to the ocean for the first time. :)


  1. This is all such wonderful news, keep your family strong. I really admire a strong respectable marriage and family bond. Makes my hear happy! Love you Heather, very proud of who you are.

  2. I found your blog awhile ago through multiples and more. Our girls are similar ages, so I keep it on my reeder. Thank you for your post. We are LDS and recently some friends and family members have opted to stop going to church. Your post has inspired a renewed hope and faith in me. I know it is hard to keep going. Some weeks are easier than others, but I also have a 5 year old, and seeing his pure little faith as he offers his own prayers when I am having a rough day allows the spirit to come into our home.

  3. Your girls are getting so big! They are really beautiful :)


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