Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Summer is coming to an end. There are signs all over! The sun is setting early and the air is feeling cooler, fresher even.

I'm excited for fall but at the same time will miss the early afternoon swims with the gremlins.  I never thought they would take so well to getting down and dirty in the water and mud. But they are girls after my own heart. 

With the cooler months on their way it's become a stressful thought as to how to keep the twins occupied when we aren't able to go outside as much.(Don't even get me started on the warmer clothes shopping!)  

Currently we are up by 8am.  Breakfast (after a rush to the restroom) is finished within 20 minutes. We spend a good 20-30 minutes reading books...the same books..over and over again. :)  Then they like to cuddle and watch a couple blue's clues or Go Diego Go before mid morning snack break. They then promptly insist on going out side to play on their slides and with their water tubs or even swim.   Before we know it it's lunch time.
Lately though K has insisted on going inside early. Even though the weather is wonderful. We aren't sure why she does this?
This in turn means more time inside and more time they end up becoming bored.  They even prefer to ride their bikes inside rather than out. 

I've been searching Pinterest (yes I  too am drawn to the addiction that is Pinterest) frantically for ideas of toddler games and activities.

That's when I came across this blog: Simple Little Home with 40 Ways to distract a toddler

Many of these we already do but the majority of these I never even thought of!  
For example ZipLock bag painting! What a great idea that keeps the mess off the kids (most importantly your house).  It has  sensory feeling and is a way to bring out their creative side.
I really need to pick up on the mommy awesome and schedule a good hour of crafting/painting/creating etc.  before their nap time. 

Do YOU have any great ideas to keep a toddler from throwing herself to the lions in a fit of rage? ;)

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  1. Hello Hettya,

    Your summer days sound a lot like ours! We have a 3-year-old girl and twin 15-month-old boys, all of whom just love playing outside. But when it's hot or humid or rainy we have to find new things to entertain them indoors.

    One of our favorites, and this is more for 2-3 year olds, is an indoor obstacle course. I take about 15 minutes setting up little "obstacles" through the house - a toy train to load and drive through the tunnel (dining room table), a puzzle to complete, five buckets to fill with five balls, a mini shopping cart to load with vegetables and drive around the living room.

    First she gets a tour of all the tasks to complete, and then we do a countdown and GO! We cheer her on and celebrate her "victory" at the completion of the last step, which is usually delivering some cherished object to Eva's lap. That's her favorite doll.

    Good luck with those girls!

    Dan Koboldt
    The Best of Twins


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