Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Memories

I know living for the weekends is a bad way to do it.  But I love weekends like this last one. 
It was just such a beautiful weekend in general. The sun was always shining down on our faces, the smell of crisp spring was in the air as we chased the kids around the yard.  As much as being lazy and cuddling sounded nice, it was much more pleasant to sit outside watching the world.
 Friday the Twins and I spent all day with my mom.  We went shopping, keeping the grownups busy as we chased the gremlins around the store.  We had a super yummy lunch at Chili's, all of us getting full on the chips and dip before our food even arrived.
Spending the rest of the evening playing outside, watching movies, and relaxing.  

Saturday was a nice little break as the twins went off to play at their other grandma's all day with their cousin.  Playing in the sand box, sitting on the 4-wheeler and having a ball.  Giving me some nice quiet time at home.  It was just an added bonus that by the time they got home they had played so much they were exhausted.  Went right to sleep and even woke up later than usual.  

Sunday was a very spiritual, happy, and sad day all in one.  My mom has been working for the same doctor for....More than 16yrs?  He has been a huge part of our families lives just for how often he has been there for us.  From being there for my first surgery when I was in 6th grade, inviting us to Ethiopia in 2005 to blessing and being there for the twins when they were in the NICU.  Him and his wife are going on a mission to Brazil to provide medical care.  We are so excited for them!  I'm thinking Skype doctor calls?  Hehe.  

Despite needing to do homework in the back of my mind most the weekend, it was a very fun and loving weekend.  One that I wont forget too easily. :p  

I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!

 {Happy Monday!} 

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  1. The girls' floral dresses are absolutely adorable!


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