Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend..deformed looking stomachs...

Easter weekend was great!  Its the best getting those comatose feelings after such amazing food!

We spent the weekend with my family while Austins family was out of town.  Saturday had a fun time finding some decorations for the upcoming baby shower and deciding what foods to eat. 

Speaking of babies I will have to get these photos up soon cause it was the creepiest thing Ive seen pertaining to my body. Haha....  I was relaxing on the couch at my parents watching the bewb tube when I felt some strange pressure just below the right side of my ribs.  So I slowly glance down and see what looks to be a huge tumor like bulge, protruding about 2 inches high above my stomach!  Austin was sitting next to me I grabbed his arm and squealed, "Look!!!".  He looks over at me and his eyes widen as he says, "HOLY COW!".  He instantly got up to get some photos.  I tell you what it was definitely an experience, Im sure there will be more of those to come.  One of those little trouble makers must have been doing a summer salt or something...silly thing.

Anyway, Sunday was great the food was amazing.  Thank you again Mom and Dad!  We were able to get out and see Alice in Wonderland just before dinner time.  Good movie but most uncomfortable one Ive ever sat through to date.  I was getting back pains from hell! 

This week looks to be another slightly busy week.  Hair appointments followed by another specialist appointment just to check the smaller measurements for the kiddies.

I dont mind the busy weeks its keeping me occupied while this horrible weather keeps cracking down on us!

Its April people!  It is supposed to be nice! Or at least just raining NOT snowing!!!!!!

K lets all work on thinking nice weather from here on out!  K thanks!

Till another day! <3

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