Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's April already!  This year has been flying by so quickly.  It seems to be if you have things planned in the year to come it makes the days fly by.  I do not mind this one bit!  I would love for June to get here....NOW! =D

Although I'm very upset with the weather being as uncooperative as it is.  It should not be a blizzard in April!  I want birds singing, trees blossoming, pretty sky's and happy faces!  Instead I'm still bundled in my beanie and sweater.    Soon enough mother nature will bring me what I want.

Bright side, today is Thursday, this means tomorrows Friday.  Friday means weekend!  Weekend means....I don't know but it will be awesome and you all know it.

Anyway, I feel like having a couple of the cookies I made last night, while I lounge around and listen to some tunes.


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