Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You thought it'd be me!

Isn't it odd when somehow the roles are reversed and you just sit back and laugh thinking, "How in the heck did that happen?"

Well the roles have been reversed for my relationship! Hahah

I bet 98% of you would think that the Woman in the relationship would be persuading the Man to get rid of his toys to save money for the onslaught of baby feet.  Well you are incorrect in this situation..I, the lady, am being told that my man wants to sell his motorcycle or even mine! 

Of course this cannot be allowed!  There is no rhyme or reason behind it, especially if they are paid off!  I could never part with what makes life so wonderful!  My dirty baby is just....what makes life so sweet!  I think I've held back the forces for the time being.  Now to set up the defense for the next attack!

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