Monday, August 24, 2009

Skate and Create 2009

Have some awesome videos for everyone to check out!
Skate & Create 2009

Didn't get to spend the weekend riding. One of the bikes wouldn't get started so we spent the day trying to get it running! Fun times!
Hoping to have at least a couple new bikes within the next few months. If you know of anyone know wants to buy a '90 CR125R Honda--let me know, really could use it being sold! Runs great, jets may need a little tweaking for idle but other than that loved it since the day I got it. Just looking for more power, 250 here I come! =D

Spent most of Sunday helping family suggestion...DON'T MOVE! :) Or don't own so much stuff, we still haven't unpacked our crap!

Anyway check out the vids-came to my attention thanks to: Milosport


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