Saturday, February 25, 2012


This is me admitting my house is a complete mess.  This is also me trying to find comfort in the fact that I can sort through all of this and get back to something comfortable and happy.  

I'm willing to also admit that cleaning is not the first thing on my mind when I step through the door of my house.  It's not something I feel I have control over.  My time spent home is generally time spent with the twins.  Now that they are older it is that much harder to have the old "quiet time".  More time is spent learning new pictures, letters, numbers and colors.  Potty training (which I hope to post about soon), chasing mom, and cuddle/wrestling with the hairy big brother, Auzzie. 

    Not until I see some one else's home which is, to me, spotless and kept. That is when I realize or begin to feel like I need to take initiative on this growing mass that seems to build within the house!  Company tends to force me to clean select rooms.  Or such a large build up of clean clothes never put away to the point of tripping every step.  

Taking a step back and focusing on the fact that my home is literally lived in and not meant for museum exhibit tends to help on those particularly, "Oh my , who would live here" days.  But never the less something, eventually, someday, must be done.

I think my first step to recovery, if you will, would be to tackle the most annoying room in the house.  Which at this moment in time would have to be the master.  Oh how I miss it's comforts.  Now it's the first thing to do as to quickly depart and find some other corner of the house more inviting.  Which has brought me to the point that I am not afraid to ask all you veterans out there:  

How do you do it?!

Maybe it's the lack of sleep, the hours of school work, or the fact that I no longer speak grown up rather than twin talk.  But I cannot seem to completely wrap my mind around getting this house done in one swoop.

Let's just hope that good old mister Einstein is correct and I am able to find that simplicity within the clutter!

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