Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Never been a home maker

Title says it all. :)  I've never been amazing at doing the "girlie" things.  Decorating, cooking, baking, etc.  With wanting to get the room ready for the twins it's become more apparent.  I just can never decide what I think will work out the best.  Luckily they will be so tiny they probably wont even care what it  looks like but hey gotta try.

Lately I have been thinking how thankful I am of my family and friends.  Especially my husband.  Never knew I would find someone so caring and just flat out AWESOME! He, he, he.   I remember when we rarely saw each other thanks to my old schedule and how much that just tore me up.  Now when we get to watch Seasons of TV shows my brother sends me at night together and eat dinner together it's just made me appreciate the time we have together even more.

Awww, the lovey dovey stuff! =D

I had that doctors appointment on Friday and it went great.  We got pictures of both girls.  The one that was moving and kicking the most I've officially named the problem child was being camera happy, while the other little one kept her face hidden even making it hard for the doctor to get a heart rate.  They are both almost 1lb each!  With a size of 6-7 1/2 inches long.  Growing big!  I hope the growth stays that good for the duration.  I always knew they'd be strong little buggers.

Anyway, hoping to have the girls room done in the next couple days.  Then to way for the cribs to get in so I can figure out where to put them and begin to do some stenciling on the walls.

Now to chase around the dogs for a bit to wear them out so I can take a bath without being disturbed!


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