Friday, October 7, 2016

Just make sure you're happy in this life.

HEY!   Oh man has it been a while. Too long. I feel like blogging always helped me sort things out in my head and also just document things that I might want to look back on in life. I’m going to make a large effort to get started again, make a list of things I have been wanting to talk about or even discuss for the future. Maybe not about anything relevant to people who read it but, meh.
I try to think back to last year, 2015. It wasn’t so long ago after all. This time last year the Gremlins were in Kindergarten, I was in my last term of my bachelors degree and we sold our house of 6 years.
We had done so much! We started the year off with a family vacation to Hawaii, filling in the rest of the months with camping, hiking, swimming, playing, mini trips to other states. We ended it with a bang, I graduated and to celebrate the dude and I left on a trip to New Zealand.
It was exciting and scary. We had no place to really call “home”, the girls were in school. You know real school, the part of school that makes you afraid their tiny spirits might break. But of course they were thrown into the lions pits and got to experience something I knew all too well…bullying. (A story for another day)
Needless to say life was different and wasn’t going to level out any time soon.
Here we are, 2016 and it still feels like we are moving at a never ending fast pace but things are also so contrasting compared to 2015. I work all day, I don’t see my family until 6:30pm or 7pm. The girls are at school all day and enjoying every minute of it.

We have been adjusting and in turn haven’t been able to do a lot of the things we had the year before. We are living in an apartment and pushing towards our future goals. There is a light at the end but the light it as least 6-8 months away and that is sometimes daunting.
The amount of support and love that we have been given through out all of this has been nothing less than amazing. We don’t know how we could thank everyone but hope they realize how much we appreciate them and all they’ve done.
So if you see that I haven’t posted at least once a week I want a message telling me to stop being a lazy [insert some name to get me fired up]…Glad we have an understanding.
Happy Friday. 

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