Thursday, September 5, 2013


The picture says it all! They are officially in Preschool and have survived their first day! 
It's so bitter sweet when it comes to them being gone every other day for a few hours. I didn't cry on the day of, but I cried the night before. More so for the worry that I wont be able to protect them from everything, that they will experience things that may hurt them in some sort of way. That's all about growing up right? But what if I don't want them to grow up! NO I TELL YOU! On the other hand it is going to be nice to have a little time in the morning to myself, doing things that need to be done or heck even things that I just want to do. 

Regardless of my woes they were so excited! They couldn't wait to meet the kids and learn the ABC's with their teacher. 

Let us not even forget how much they love having back packs. They loaded them up with toys and wanted to take the toys to class..of course that wasn't going to happen and caused a ruckus. 
It was so different going back to school shopping for my own kids! I was having a mini panic attack as I ran around the stores thinking of what they will need for the upcoming fall season (still no coats chosen as the Mr and I couldn't agree to colors and styles, haha wow). Silly reason for stress but alas it happened. 

They are growing into their own little people and it's a blessing that we get to witness it. Although coming into their 3's I've decided that people who warn you about the "Terrible 2's" need more warn you about the "Terrible 3's". We've had more meltdowns, tantrums, fights and everything in between over the summer of them turning 3 than we ever had while they were 2! 

Besides the emotional roller coaster that is children. It's a blessing in disguise of two little gremlins ;)


  1. Oh my goodness, I haven't visited in so long. They are so big and absolutely beautiful!

    1. :D I haven't been in the blogsphere as much lately so it's been awhile for me as well! Your littles are so adorable by the way! <3


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