Friday, September 2, 2011

I'll miss

Tonight as I was going through some of my pictures from this summer I came across this one-

It was the beginning of the summer, a calm, cool, clear night with a nearly full moon.  The moonlight was hitting the lake perfectly. The tall dark silhouettes of the surrounding mountains loomed in the distance and the twinkly lights made their presence known as we sat at our little house on the hill looking at all we had around us to be grateful for.  

As much as I adore the fall, holidays, fluffy white snow, and cuddles by the fire.  I'm really going to miss  nights like this one.  Where all you hear are the crickets, smell of the fresh cut grass, and listen to the slow summer breeze through the trees.  

It's gone by in a flash and will be upon us again before we know it.  But sometimes don't you just wish you could freeze frame time.  Just that one special moment you never want to lose, that a picture will never be able to capture?  

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